The proven reasons why you should read literature

One may not be one who likes reading. There is the catch of videos so it is preferred by others rather than reading. But reading has its own benefit and it became necessary as one goes to school. Learning to read is a must but when that time has finished, many just want what they like and they can choose to watch or read. Many like reading as the imagination could be nurtured and creativity is formed. Movies also are being adopted from novels and so those who like reading most also are interested to watch them.

But there are reasons that were proven by a study that encourage reading. That is the content of the infographic that you can see above. One of it is that it can help a person develop empathy. That is because when reading, one can associate with a character whether in a novel or in a poem. Another reason is that it can help in the development of brain power. When someone reads, the brain is exercised and it could develop again. If you want to sleep well at night and faster than before, try reading.


It relaxes you so you could fall asleep easier. In relation to the benefit mentioned above, reading also affects the intellect. It can boost it especially at the early age where the brainĀ is developing. As reading can affect the intellect and the brain power is boosted, dementia could also be avoided. All the benefits mentioned is in the infographic.