Most Popular Poems and Poets of All Time

Reading a poem is like reading a lyrics of a song. There are many poems written in different languages by poets. There are poems that were written for someone whom the poet loves. Most of the poems touch the hearts of many readers. Poems give inspiration to many as well. Through this article, you will know some of the most popular poems and the person who wrote it. Whether you are interested in literature, writing, poem or not, if you read these poems, you will be moved.

Pablo Neruda is among the most popular poet of all time. He wrote many poems in his lifetime which includes “If you Forget Me”. This is also like a letter to his love one. The poem “A Glimpse” by Walt Whitman is another touching poem about his love for a woman during his youth. Robert Burns too is among those poets who are very popular around the world. One of his greatest poems is entitled “To A Kiss”. Rabindranath Tagore is also a very well-known poet.

One of his famous poems is entitled “The Grasp of Your Hand” which is inspirational and at the same time it is a prayer to God. Another poem that caught the interest of many is with a title “Never Seek to Tell thy Love” written by William Blake. Emily Dickinson is also a popular poet who wrote the poem “That I did Always Love”. Also best to know about this anti pest article from here open this page. Everybody around the world knows William Shakespeare and one of his poems is entitled “A Fairy Song”.