Short Stories Advantages

There are many reasons why people prefer to read short stories rather than the long writings like a novel. Short stories have their own advantages that we will cover at this time so we could have an idea why many likes to read short stories. One big advantage is that the length they have. As people now like to have the fast pace structure so they prefer something that they could read in one setting and finish it right and there. It has just started and then you can read “The End”.

Another advantage of the short story is that you will feel that you had done something or finish something. As you can finish reading something, you can have the sense of accomplishment that you had done something. Even if you had just spent about 10 minutes of reading, you had also the experience of knowing something or whatever is the topic of the short story. It could be an adventure or a mystery. You can just start as you are sure to be able to finish it, unlike long writings that you can forget them in the middle of the pages.

Through reading short stories, you can also have the advantage of switching to different authors or follow a new series. That is because you can finish them fast. You can read different stories also being published in one book unlike fiction that one book is one story. As they say that reading is good then you can be able also to try it without spending much of your time for it.